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Get Involved

Want to start a new chapter at your school?

  1. Identify your goal! 

    1. Set a goal to begin this new chapter, and have something for your members and yourself to reach for! 

  2. ​​Find a sponsor! 

    1. Find a teacher who can help out, someone interested in helping you reach your goals.

  3. Research other organizations! 

    1. Look at other clubs that are offered at your school, reach out to the ones that have a similar goal as yours, and partner up! In addition, look for outside organizations in your area by emailing them or planning a brief meeting with them! It’s essential to connect with other organizations to reach the goal you’re all looking for!

  4. Spread the word!

    1. Let others know! Creating posters, putting them around the school, telling others, and advertising on social media! 

  5. Use these tools to guide your development

    1. Feeding Philly Curriculum Guide

    2. Feeding Philly Notebook

  6. Have any further concerns or questions? Contact us!

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